pet safePetsafe Company produces an extensive selection of electronic dog door wire installation to go well various breeds of dog and the needs of the owner as well. Choosing the best dog fences suitable for your dog and your requirements is daunting. So, it is very important to look into different types of fences for the given situation. It is essential to consider the area you like to cover, the item’s accuracy and user-friendliness as well as the dog’s temperament.

PetSafe offers various kinds of  dog fences such as outdoor and indoor fences. You can also acquire an outdoor fence that is wireless or the one that utilizes wire. If you settle on an indoor fence that is wireless, then you don’t have to deal with wires. However, once you go for an outdoor fence, then there are essential things that need to be considered.

There are three underground electric dog fence to select from including the standard fence, the stubborn fence and the Deluxe Petsafe dog fence. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages and it is crucial to consider this factor prior to purchasing. See electric dog fence reviews here. Or see invisible fence reviews.

Hard to Teach Dog

This dog collar is appropriate for hard to teach dogs, those that are intractable and never follow your command. There are factors to consider before using this kind of collar. First, make sure that your dog weighs more than 20 pounds and is six months old.  This fence is incredibly powerful. In fact, it is the most reliable fence you can procure.  The standard kit permits you to make a fence that will detain a dog in an area of 1/3 acre. If you want to extend the area covered by the fence, you can purchase additional wire.

Deluxe Fence

When looking for dog fence you must begin here because it will suit some backyards and most dogs. Deluxe fence can cover a vicinity of up to twenty-five acres, making this more versatile compared to standard fences. You should also bear in your mind that in order to utilize this Petsafe fence, the dog must be 8 lbs and 4 months old.

Standard Fence

If you are searching for the most dog fence that utilizes the tiniest receiver collar, standard fence is the best option for you. This kind of fence is made for smaller pets. Because it is small, you can utilize it on dogs weighing 5 pounds upwards. The standard fence collar just weighs 1.2 ounces.  Standard fence from PetSafe can cover an area similar to the stubborn fence, but less than the area covered by the PetSafe deluxe model. On the other hand, this is sufficient for some backyards.

PetSafe Wireless Fence

A PetSafe wireless electric dog fence can cover 180 feet in diameter from the place where the transmitter is situated.  You can extend the containment area through purchasing extra transmitters. A lot of dog owners love the PetSafe wireless invisible dog fence as it easy to set up and due to its capability to cover a wider area.

Choose the best one for your needs and you will surely be able to make the most of it. Also remember to invest in an invisible fence replacement battery.

Tips on Keeping Your Pet Safe



Nowadays, keeping pets such as cats and dogs at home is trending. People love to keep dogs and cats at home because of their human friendly nature. This has become popular than ever as well as it is becoming a fashion to have pets. However, keeping pets is not easy as one may think of it. It requires a number of things to consider for making sure pet lives with you like a lifetime friend. Among these things, safety comes first. Every pet owner would love to take his/her pet across town or country on vacation, but one must take appropriate precautions. While you are out with it, your pet can undergo deadliest things that may cause its death. If you are one out of many pet owners, you need to ensure your pet safety. Read following guidelines to see what it entails. Keeping your petsafe requires attentiveness and perseverance.


Prevent your Pet from Electrical Cords

Dogs and cats particularly when they are young tend to chew and bite everything that catches their attention. Since underground electric fences for dogs wires are easy to chew, you must ensure your puppy or kitty does not come across them. Chewing electric wires can be dangerous for both your pets as well as wiring circuits. A little bite can shock and burn your pet and create a life threat. Therefore, the foremost thing you should do for pet safety is preventing it from electric cords. Make sure you do not let your pet free where there are lamps and other electrical appliances.

Rubber Bands and Rubber Toys

Many pet owners love bringing special toys for their pets to train and entertain them. However, while you select any of toys for your pet, you must make sure they are not made of chewable rubber. Rubber bands and rubber toys are easy to bite and chew. You may consider rubber toys playthings for your pets, but if they swallow, it can create serious discomfort. Hence, you would opt for surgery to get it removed. If you are using an electronic pet door system be cautious, cheaper systems tend to randomly stop working and your dog can get out and get hurt or worse yet receive a mild shock.

Label your Pet

In order to identify your pet, you must label or tag it. in some countries, it is mandatory to label your pet as if it gets lost, you will have some identification code or tag to recognize your pet.  Microchips are a common expedited type of tag that is excessively used for pets particularly for dogs and cats. It enables pet owners to mentor and track their pet’s activities. So it if you apply a microchip tag to your pet, it will become a lot easier for you to keep an eye on your pet.

purebred beagle

Restrict your Pet

Often pet owners come across the issues like dog or cat jumping out of home or going in areas where you do not want it to go for safety reasons. While there are loads of solutions to restrict, your pet using pet containment system is a trendy and affordable way of doing it. All you need is to install a petsafe invisible fence at your home, define boundaries for your pet, and activate it. it will use an electrical but not hurting shock to restrict your dog in an expedited way.





Five Most Important Winter Safety Tips for your Pet

Changing weather changes the way we live especially precautionary measures to stay safe alter. We take special take care of ourselves and do special arrangements to ensure climate would not influence our health. Similarly, the pet animals such as cats and dogs at our homes need special arrangements to endure harshness of changing weather. Summer is normally easy for pets, but when winter settles, there are loads of things a pet owner should do to ensure pets’ safety.


Winter poses extreme safety risks for pets as a number of cold hazards can cause your pet a serious health issue. Therefore, while you arrange safety precautions for yourself, take some serious steps to save your pet from cold. Here are few pet safety tips you must consider in winter:


While there is snow outside, every pet owner wishes to enjoy with its pet at its best. Pets particularly long haired dogs and cats love to be in snow so you cannot resist going out with them. However, you ought to ensure safety from freezing snow. For that, foremost thing you should do is to buy boots for your pet. So if it runs on snow, it would influence its feet.

Letting you Pet Free

Do not ever let your pets free in the snow or ice. While it appears to be a great fun to have play with it in snow, it could result pet los as well. Pets especially some breeds of dogs tend to lose their sense of smell in cold weather and they do not find a way to make their destination. Hence, they lose their way. Believe it or not, winters have highest rate of pet loss. You should consider either a physical fence or a wireless fence for dogs and in some cases a wireless dog fence. These systems can protect your dog and keep him confined on your property, to find out more about these types of systems check out this cool invisible fence video. Just be cautious some human groups say these types of systems are dangerous and can cause harm to your dog. Some companies specialize in installing these types of invisible fencing systems Dog Watch is the largest.

Give Fresh Water to It

This is the time of year when everything is frozen in most parts of world due to cold. Your pet cannot endure frozen. Your pet does not know how to break or melt ice. Therefore, you must arrange unfrozen water for it. Not only unfrozen, you must heat water to a certain temperature that will be easy for your pet to drink. Use stainless steel or plastic material water containers in which you can store and supply water to your pet.

Exercise is Must

Exercise is always imperative for your pet especially when winter settles. With cold and freezing winds blowing out, the muscles squeeze and animals feels rusty and lazy. This could result in further inactivity of various muscles and organs due to not being involved in health activities. Therefore, to avoid this happening with your pet and to keep it active, you must get it involved in healthy activities. Take some tips from other pet owners to know what type of exercises can be best for your pet. However, you must not keep safety precautions in your mind to ensure your pet is not injured while exercising.

These are some of the important things you must take into your considerations in winters to keep your lifetime friend safe and secure from freezing hazards.




Three Winter Pet Safety Products You Must Consider for Your Animal

When climate changes, you need to change the way you care for your pet. in harsh conditions that winter brings, your pet needs extra protection which is only possible when you know appropriate ways of keeping pet safe. While you need to supply healthy food, fresh unfrozen water to your pet, you need to consider following items that are essential for pet safety in winters:


Heated Water Basin

The foremost thing you should buy is a heated water bowl. We all know in cold season, it becomes so hard to arrange unfrozen melted water for pets every once in an hour. Similarly, you cannot afford your snow bars and frozen water for your pet as it could be disastrous for its health. Therefore, you must buy a heated water basin, which is the right solution to all of these pet drinking issues. With this bowl, you can have heated water bowl all the time ready for your pet. Hence, your pet would not have to paw through icy and frozen water.

Heated Pet Bed

Next winter product you must seriously consider for your pet’s comfort is heated pet bed. If you own an arthritic pet, then there is nothing better than to arrange a heated bed for its comfort. It is equivalently better for summer too. So your pet will have a comfortable bed to sleep and rest all year round which would definitely have positive impacts on its health. There is a huge variety of indoor and outdoor heated pet beds available at pet product stores. All you need is to consider what type of pet you are having and which would best fit its size.

Sweaters and Jackets

Like we have mentioned boots for pet feet, buying sweaters and jackets for pet is equally important while there are loads of people who love styling their pets with fashionable dresses; many ignore covering body of pet with dresses. In freezing winters, preventing body of your pet from freezing blows is imperative which is why you are advised to buy jackets and sweaters for pet.

However, there are few things to keep in mind. While style is an important factor, considering quality is even more important. Therefore, while you consider jackets and sweaters for your animal, make sure you are buying quality and weather resistant stuff. You can buy such quality stuff from various only pet clothing auctions at a reasonable price. See Petsafe reviews

How to Buy Pet Safety Products

These are some of the very important products you must consider for your pet for its winter safety. These offer maximum protection. However, you have to be careful while shopping for any of the pet product as not each brand is of pure quality. Therefore, while you consider any of the winter pet safety products, do not forget to consider quality. Besides, check product review to see how people have ranked this pet product. This will give you an ample idea of how people have ranked the particular product.







Pet Poisoning – Common Symptoms and Precautions

Unfortunately, a number of dogs and cats die just because of owner being ignorant some of the important safety aspects. If you own a pet, then as a pet owner, it is your responsibility to beware of common things such as poisons, toxins, and household products that can cause harm to your pet. A number of pet owners do not know the fact that common household goods can poison a pet, if it ingested them. Therefore, you ought to be careful regarding these things to ensure pet safety. In order to prevent your pet from poison, you need to understand following two important things:


  1. How to keep your home poison proof
  2. Signs and symptoms of pet poisoning

Once you have understanding of above two important things, you can easily save your pet from a common issue called pet poisoning. To help you educate on pet poisoning, here is common info you must know and do:

Create Your Own Pet Poisoning First Aid Kit

The foremost thing you must have ready at your home all the time at your home is first aid kit. So in times of any emergency, you will be able to give initial treatment to your pet. Here is what your basic first aid kit should include:

  1. Three percent Hydrogen peroxide (Make sure it is not expired)
  2. An oral dosing syringe to administer hydrogen peroxide
  3.  A set of teaspoon to use hydrogen peroxide
  4. Rubber gloves to ensure your hands are not contaminated
  5. Vitamin E oil
  6. Diphenhydramine tablets
  7. Corn syrup
  8. Vegetable oil

These are some of the essential items that, you must keep in your first aid pet poisoning kit. However, before you attempt to use any of these for your pet in case of emergency, ask yourself, do you know how to use it? If not, then you must learn how to use them. There are poison control experts who can teach you how to check your pet with use of these things. Besides, you can take advice of expert to know what additional things you must add in your first aid kit.

Signs and Symptoms of Poisoning in Pets

Even though the signs and symptoms of poisoning vary in a huge way, yet there are few things that if occur can be regarded as poisoning. Here are some common pet poisoning issues and their respective signs that should be aware off:

Gastro Symptoms

  1. Vomiting
  2. Drooling
  3. Nausea
  4. Diarrhea

Internal Bleeding

  1. Pale gums
  2. Fast heartbeat rate
  3. Weakness
  4. Coughing with blood
  5. Vomiting with blood

Kidney Failure

  1. Vomiting
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Excessive urination
  4. Decrease in urination

Liver Failure

  1. Vomiting
  2. Melena
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Abnormal behavior
  5. Low blood sugar

These are common poisoning issues you must beware of to take an instant action. Pet poisoning is a common issue that is prevailing. To keep your pet safe from it, make sure you keep it away from common household goods that may cause poisoning if being ingested by your pet.








Top Five Winter Safety Tips for Your Pet

People, who know the worth of having a friendliest pet such as cat or dog, will never ignore their animals when winter is around. Climate changes influence animals as well. So to keep your pet safe in extremely cold winter, you need to consider some winter safety measures that will ensure pet’ safety. Here are five winter safety tips you must consider during this winter to keep your animals secured against freezing cold:


Tip # 01

Pet owners who allow their animals to wander out of home would likely be facing pet stolen or pet injured issues. When you allow it to go outside, it can undergo various uncertain issues such as car accident. Besides, when it is free to move outside home, it is exposed to different diseases and infections including rabies that can even cause death. Therefore, to prevent your pet from external diseases, keep it inside home. It can be stolen or lost too.

Accidents occur frequently with pets such as dog and cats when they are outdoor. Often dogs and cats sleep under cars and are being crushed when motor starts. When motor starts, the fan belt touches the dog beneath it and hence it is injured or killed by the fan. So this is another reason why you should never let your pet outside home.

Tip # 02

Snowfalls often when year starts or ends. Often people, who love being in snow come out with their pets and try to enjoy with them. However, it is advised not to let your cat or dog free during snowfall. It can be quite dangerous and cause nausea and flu. Besides, the statistics show that rate of pet especially dogs being lost in winter is higher. This is because of the fact that dogs lose their sense of smell in winters. Hence, when they go out of your reach, they would probably do not find right way back to home.

Besides, if you are taking it along with you in snow, make sure you have given it much protection against cold. Especially, the feet must be covered. For that, you must consider pet boots that prevent feet against snow. If you are using a dog fence make sure that you lay it out appropriately and so your dog can always access shelter.

Tip # 03

Give proper bath to your pet in winters and provide it proper pet coat to offer warmth. Pet coats cover pet’s skin against frozen winds and keep it secure. Besides, when you give bath to it, do not take it out until you dry skin entirely. Taking your pet outside right after giving bath is exposing it to cold diseases.

Tip # 04

A car or cabin can act like a refrigerator for animals in winters. Therefore, do not leave your pet in car or cabin in winters. They can feel frozen and may even die.

Tip # 05

As you need a proper place to sleep, your pet needs the same. Especially, in winters you cannot afford to keep it in your home yard. Therefore, arrange a warm room where it can easily sleep and rest.